Kancerbis Ltd is a newly formed UK company with a vision to provide new hope for cannabinoid science, a new hope for cancer patients and new hope for investors.

Natural and synthetic cannabinoids are widely implicated in the scientific literature as potentially useful drugs for cancer patients to help control nausea, pain and weight loss. Recently and of great interest there is a growing body of strong pre-clinical and limited clinical evidence that cannabinoids may have a direct anti-cancer effect against a number of different cancer types (i.e. NSCLC, Breast, Prostate, Glioma and leukemic cell lines). Well-controlled randomised clinical studies assessing the anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids are lacking, which will be required before cannabinoids could ever be used in the mainstream medical setting providing benefit to cancer patients. Kancerbis Ltd aims to remove the stigma from cannabinoid medicine, conduct robust research to understand the role cannabinoids play in cancer treatment and let the science do the talking.

Kancerbis Ltd is actively wishing to discuss with interested parties:

  • Two specific business case proposal related to the re-purposing of a clinical cannabinoid agonist as a direct anti-cancer agent
  • Accessing funding and grants from investors and funding bodies
  • Acquiring or licensing clinical or near-clinical cannabinoid agonists (natural or synthetic) from pharma, biotech or academia
  • Conducting pre-clinical and clinical development to build upon the established scientific know-how of the positive effects of cannabinoids on cancer
  • Approving new cannabinoid treatment options for cancer patients.
For more information contact:
Andrew Yates
+44 7776170826
Biohub @Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK10 4TG